Common Reasons for Car Accidents

Every day there are at least half a dozen car accidents nationwide. Some of them can be avoided while others can’t. There are all sorts of reasons why these occur. Maybe you don’t even know you are setting yourself up to possibly be in one yourself. Here are some of the main reasons these accidents occur.

Distracted Driving

One of the main reasons people get into accidents is due to distracted driving. With all the technology that is out and put in the palms of people’s hands, people are paying too much attention to a screen when they drive and not enough attention to the road before them. Nor are they paying attention to other vehicles. However, technology isn’t the only thing that can be distracting while driving. Smoking and simply drinking soda can impose a threat if it involved needing a free hand. They asked people what some of the most bizarre things they have seen drivers do as they are driving. Women have been seen putting on pantyhose or applying makeup. People have witness guys trying to take a leak in a jug.

Not Following Driving Laws

If there is one thing, we see too much of are people who really didn’t pay attention when they were taking driving lessons. When something like auto accidents happen it is because people are too impatient. They don’t check their blind spots before going into another lane or turning. They don’t use their turn signals. They pass in no passing zones. These are all things that can easily be avoided if you just calm down and take your time. Leaving when you are in a rush will cause you to do these things and the outcome could just be money wise, but it could cost you your life or someone else’s if you aren’t careful

Weather Conditions

Of course, weather plays a huge role in why accidents occur. People don’t slow down when the pavement is wet or icy. They might not break in time. Not having your headlights on when it’s foggy out are all just an example as to how the weather can cause these accidents to happen. Add to that the above-mentioned reasons people get in accidents and they all add up. Having proper tires when the weather gets bad is essential as well.

As you can see, there are many reasons that fall under these main categories for causes. These are the things that can be prevented. Of course, we didn’t even touch base on the under the influence accidents which can really be deadly. Be smart as you drive. Put down the phone or whatever has your attention because anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t be another story in the headlines of the newspaper. If you have teens who are going to be driving soon, we advise you talk to them about such things as they are the top people who officers are seeing when they approach the scene of an accident. They might roll their eyes, but they need to hear it.