Surprising Facts about Washington State Divorce Laws 

Divorce is the only legal way to end a marriage. It starts with a petition filed by a spouse to dissolve their marriage in their local family court. Filing for divorce has some common expectations like wanting to end the marriage quickly and wanting alimony. However, before filing for divorce, it’s important to seek the help of any local divorce attorneys lacey wa. It’s also important to know some surprising facts about the state’s divorce lawyers.

The State Does Recognize Common Law Marriages

A marriage must be valid in order for a couple to obtain a legal divorce. Couples who get married without obtaining a marriage license or having someone licensed to wed individuals do not have a valid marriage. In addition, couples who have never married, but cohabitated for years are not legally recognized as a married couple.

Washington State is a Community Property State

Community property refers to the property and debts acquired while the couple were married. This includes items like cars, rental property and the family home. Community property state refers to how the state divides property when a couple can’t negotiate this divorce term. Division of property is a divorce term that must be divided among spouses.

If the spouses can work together, they can decide who receives what property. They can also decide who pays what debts. However, if they can’t decide, a judge will use the state’s way of dividing property. This means that the property is divided equitably. This means what is fair by the court’s standard.

There is a Minimum Waiting Period to Get a Divorce

Washington makes couples wait a specific amount of time to end their marriage. It is common for the divorce process to take six months before a Dissolution of Marriage is issued. However, the quick time couples can obtain a divorce is three months.

Marital Misconduct is not Considered in a Washington Divorce

People mistakenly believe they will receive a larger portion of the property, receive spousal support or primary custody if their spouse cheats on them. That’s not true. Washington State divorce laws do not recognize marital misconduct such as adultery as a dividing factor any divorce term. This means division or property; child custody and spousal support are not affected by infidelity.

Unemployment does not Matter When Resolving Child Support

Many people believe that if they don’t have a job while deciding child support divorce term, then no child support will be awarded. That’s not true. It doesn’t matter if a spouse currently doesn’t have a job or is voluntarily underemployed. The court can figure child support based on what it believes the spouse can earn.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer about Ending Your Marriage

Sometimes in Lacey marriages don’t last forever. That doesn’t mean the divorce process has to drag on forever. When both spouses agree to a lot of divorce terms, their marriage can be resolved quickly. Before filing a divorce petition, contact a divorce lawyer. It’s important to understand the type of rights and obligations for a spouse going through a divorce.