What Happens After a Divorce and Why a Lawyer is Needed?

After a divorce there are a variety of hoops that need to be jumped through to ensure yourself that you will receive half of your share with marriage divisions, alimony, and the custody of children if applicable. In order to make sure all agreements are fair, you are going to want to hire a divorce attorney to help give you legal guidance throughout your divorce, as well as come up with a compensation amount for alimony and all other divisions you and your ex-spouse have together whether it be bank accounts or even debts.


Alimony is an agreement that is signed off by a judge that states a specific amount the husband or wife will have to pay the other party of a regular basis. When a couple is married, they share income, bank accounts, and unfortunately debt as well. After a divorce, most couples want to walk away with all the earnings, but in the courts eye, it is against the law. Instead of letting your ex-spouse take off with the money the two of you earned together, you can contact any alimony lawyer pittsburgh pa to help you come up with a bound agreement.


Divisions are also very common after a divorce considering everything is owned equally including land, bank accounts, and household items such as furniture. Instead of everyone tearing the house apart to quickly take belongings that may not be their property, it is important to contact a lawyer to help make a reasonable agreement that splits all divisions equally. To make sure that both parties stick to the agreement, it will be printed up and shown to a judge where he or she will bind the agreement. If you or your ex-spouse do not follow the agreement, you can and will be held in contempt of court.

Child Custody

After a divorce, one of the first things that pops into every parents mind is who is going to get custody of the children. Although we may all want to push the issue and gain immediate custody, sometimes we do not acquire the basic necessities to take care of our children after a divorce. In most cases, a guardian ad litem will be assigned to you to help you, your ex-spouse, and the judge take a deeper look into who’s living situation will be the most beneficial to the children.

Just because your divorce is finalized, it does not mean that the entire ordeal is over. If you are looking to gain financial stability, you may want to contact a lawyer to help you with divisions, child custody, and alimony. Your lawyer will be able to help you come up with a fair agreement in hopes that your ex-spouse will agree to the terms. If an agreement is not made, your case will be seen by a judge where he or she will make the final decision on who will be paying who for alimony as well as where the divisions will go.